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Title: Amanda and Jax 50 Plus MILFs
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Description: Suck on those big nipples! 51-year-old Amanda Verhooks tells her guy at the start of this scene. "Suck 'em good!" This hard-bodied little fuck toy is wearing stockings, heels and a corset. She gets on all fours and models her pussy and asshole for Jax Black. "This slut is gonna get it," she says. "I'm a fuckin' tramp." Hey, if she says so. "My mouth is hungry," she says. So Jax feeds her his cock and she eagerly swallows it. He also face-fucks her, and she sucks his balls. Then he fucks her pussy and she works her pussy hard on his dick. "Now put it in my ass," she says. "Turn me into a complete little ass slut." So he does. Amanda even goes the extra mile by sucking the cock after it comes out of her ass. This might sound extra filthy, but it's perfectly sanitary. Amanda has a very clean, tight ass, and she gave herself an enema before the scene. But still, how many women suck the cock that just came out of her ass? Finally, after more ass-fucking, Jax cums all over her face. She opens her mouth for the cum then sucks what's left off the head of his dick. Amanda used to be a stripper. Now she's fucking on-camera and doing it very well. Do you want her to be your little ass slut? Featuring Amanda Verhooks, Jax Slayher. Original title: Amanda Verhooks, black cock ass slut.
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