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Title: Sunny and Carlo Naughty Mag
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Description: Who wants to paint when you can fuck? But before we get to that, what's with the deadbeat in these pictures? The fucking guy is just sitting there while Sunny does all the work. and what happens? She rewards him with a blow job. Not just a blow job, but some pussy, too. What's with these hot chicks liking loser guys? Is quitting your job and sitting home all day, watching your girlfriend do all the work, the key to happiness? Anyway, while you contemplate that, we'll let you know that Sunny is 26 years old and from Georgia. She's 5'6", 135 pounds and, obviously, she likes to paint and fuck. Check that. She likes to fuck losers. Featuring Sunny Dae, Carlo Carrera. Original title: From Paint Job to Blowjob.
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