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Title: Bed of Roses SexArt
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Description: A romance is a dynamic, ever-changing, constantly evolving relationship. Even the most stable relationships can swing from calm to chaotic, and the wild, impetuous, physical attraction that often brings two people together can quickly develop into something much more serene and cerebral. Alis Locanta's "Bed of Roses" celebrates that blissful period in a couple's life when attraction, affection, passion, desire, and love are all in perfect proportion. As Taissa A and Juan Lucho stroll along on a sunny afternoon their love for one another is palpable. The shared smiles, the spontaneous kisses, the joy of love shines brightly in their eyes. And that love, and the warmth and vitality of their romantic connection, remains in full effect when they're on their connubial bed. Without uttering a single syllable the couple communicate with near telepathic clarity. After teasing Lucho's organ through his briefs, Taissa lovingly sucks and strokes it to throbbing stiffness. Then, after stripping off her nightie, she strums her clitoris while climbing into the reverse cowgirl position - and this long-haired beauty certainly knows how to ride. After humping, grinding, and swiveling sensuously in the superior position, Taissa gets on all fours and Lucho, a somewhat passive (but appreciative) participant thus far, aggressively oralizes her from behind, very nearly overwhelming her with pleasure in the process. Taissa, demonstrative, vocal, and extremely responsive, reaches a powerful orgasmic peak while being pumped in the doggie position, and Lucho climaxes internally while they spoon. The feelings of connection, satisfaction, joy, and love make "Bed of Roses" an enticingly erotic slice of romantic life.
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