Picking Up Angelina Naughty Mag

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Title: Picking Up Angelina Naughty Mag
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Description: As a special treat to you guys, we're posting an entire full-length DVD to our site. We're posting one scene every week until the entire flick is online and you can watch it any time you want. That's Emily, 27, in the striped top and Angelina, 21, in the blue dress. And you really don't give a fuck about the guy or want to know how he can keep from blowing his load in under 30 seconds when he's got two girls working him. do you? Many of us guys have to go through our favorite NFL team's entire 53-man roster, person by person, in order not to cum within two minutes when we're buried to the hilt in our favorite lover's pussy. Jarrod, on the other hand, pops his wiener from mouth to mouth and cunt to cunt without so much as an overabundance of pre-cum, and no help from pills or potions. Shit! Let's hope he gets audited by the IRS or something equally awful. When you're jacking, try imagining pulling your dick out of Emily's tight, hot cunt and slipping it into Angelina's waiting wonderland and thrusting away again. How long did you last? Stay tuned next week for more action from Pickin' Up Pussy! Featuring Angelina Korrs, Jarrod Steed. Full Title: Pickin' Up Pussy
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