Massage Therapy for Daddy Teens Love Black Cocks

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Title: Massage Therapy for Daddy Teens Love Black Cocks
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Description: Jaye just got home from her massage therapy class. Shes got a test in two weeks and needs to practice her moves asap! She calls for her step-dad to be the volunteer, but hes in his office a bit tied up on a phone call. He shoes Jaye away, and sees the sadness on her face. He decides to have her go set up so things are ready when hes done with his call. Sure enough just as shes done setting her table up, her dad shows up but in nothing but a towel! A little more skimpy than she expected but she might be able to work with it. He lays down on the table and Jaye gets to work rubbing down his silky chocolate skin. As she starts rubbing harder, she notices a humongous erection and grabs it! Her dad freaks out and apologizes right away. He was so embarrassed. Jaye was actually prepared for this, they showed her in school what she should do. She tells her daddy to just lay back and relax as she sticks it in her mouth. Best massage ever! Jaye continued to use all of her holes to stimulate that behemoth black cock. Step-daddy even massaged her a little in the vaginal area, talk about quid pro quo! He was so satisfied with his massage that he busted a phat nut all over her face and hair. If that doesn't show gratitude, we aren't sure what does. Featuring Jaye Summers, Jovan Jordan. Original release date: November 30th, 2016.
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