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Title: Casey Ballerini Exposed Whores
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Description: Casey Ballerini hit me up one day out of the blue asking to be an Exposed Whore, Well that was a first considering no girl really wants to be put on this site, So i was like ok come on over and lets film some content and set up a date, After meeting her and filming some scenes with her I found out really quickly why this girl wanted to be on my site she is definitely a whore and on top of that she has huge daddy issues and loves calling people daddy while they spank her for being a bad little girl, You can find her on tinder offering her services for as low as $100.00 or walking around the strip I'm just waiting to see her mug shot pop up on nightly news one of these nights for the latest hookers arrested. She is making a name for herself quickly in the adult industry and the producers love her I mean who wouldn't when shes fucking them all off camera, She is a wild fuck and fun in bed but sure the hell wouldn't bring her to the family table. I hope she washed my cum out of her pussy before the producer from ATK fucked her that same day, Sorry Eric my bad Nah I'm really not! Featuring Casey Ballerini, Lloyd Platinum.
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