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Title: Kandi and Bambino 40 Something Mag
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Description: Kandi Jones, who calls herself "the typical woman-next-door" sucks and fucks Bambino, "a total stranger," as she put it, in her first-ever on-camera sex video. Actually, it's her first-ever on-camera sex video for all the world to see. She and her hubby, who was sitting a few feet away while this scene was being shot, have taped themselves a few times. Kandi says she was a goody-two-shoes when she and her hubby met 22 years ago. She's not a goody-two-shoes anymore. She and her husband bring home sailors for her to fuck. She explained to us that she's not a traditional swinger. "My husband allows me to play with others but he does not," Kandi explained. Why would he want to when he has a wife like Kandi? "I had a foursome with three young men while on vacation," she said. "They did shots off my naked body to start the evening, but they tapped out after an hour and many orgasms. I was hungry for more." We're sure she got it. Kandi was born in the Midwest United States and lives in South Florida. She likes to play on the beach and dance. She loves being naked. She says the people she knows would be surprised to see her here because "I am quite reserved around the people I know." Translation: She's not reserved at all around the people she doesn't know. Like Bambino. She sucks and fucks him every which way and opens her mouth for his cum. It's a very happy ending and a very promising beginning for a woman-next-door who you're going to love. Featuring Kandi Jones, Bambino. Original title: Cock for Kandi.
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