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Title: Miranda Miller Exposed Whores
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Description: This sexy little whore Miranda Miller Is about as naughty as you can find them, It didn't take her long to say fuck sucking dick. I want you to just fuck me already, so of course I did fuck that tight little pussy and yeah she makes sure everyone knows how tight it is before hand. I have to give her credit though. It is really tight, between 1 to 10, I give it a 10 on tightness. But here comes the kicker of the story, while she was here sucking cock and getting fucked, he boyfriend was texting her how his dumb ass ran into a tree cut his head open and ended up in the hospital. Oh yeah he was walking when that happen, I mean who the fuck does that? Okay back to the story right after she said her sorrys to him she turned to me and asked me if I was going to fuck her or not? And no the camera was not turned on. Her biggest turn on is when she gets to play with more then one cock at the sametime and loves getting her pussy pounded hard, we have a lot of great videos of this whore getting fucked. Featuring Miranda Miller, Lloyd Platinum.
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