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Title: Amelie and Kristof 40 Something Mag
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Description: Our scenes aren't exactly instructional videos, but there's a lesson to be learned from 40-year-old Amelie Azzure's first fuck video. and that lesson is: If a hot, sexy MILF wants to fuck, you don't put her off. You don't say, "Later, honey." She's not interested in later. She's interested in now. The guy in this scene doesn't realize that at first because he's a lot younger than Amelie. He's a little immature. He wants to workout. He thinks the pussy is always going to be there whenever he wants it. But Amelie says to him, "Fuck me," and at that point, it doesn't matter what he thought he wanted to do. He thought wrong. Amelie lives in Prague. She's a store clerk. She's divorced. She's a mom, and her kids don't know how wild their mom is. Actually, she really isn't that wild, other than fucking on-camera. If you were ever fortunate enough to date her, it might take a month or so before you get into her panties. "But I might give you a blow job before that," she said. That's good to know. Featuring Amelie Azzure, Kristof Cale. Original title: Amelie wants it now.
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