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Title: A Cuckold 40 Something Mag
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Description: Hi, honey. Why don't you come sit over here, Sara Skiphers says to her husband, Walter, at the start of this scene. Walter does as he's told. As we're about to find out, Walter always does as he's told. "See what I just brought home?" Sara says. "What do you want to do with that?" Walter asks. "I just wanna fuck him. Wanna watch me? Is that what you want?" he says. "I wanna suck his dick right now. So suck his dick. I will", Sara says. "Whatever makes you happy." Sucking J Mac's dick while her husband watches makes Sara happy. So does fucking J Mac's dick. So does holding onto her husband's leg while J Mac fucks her old pussy. And then making her hubby watch while she rubs J Mac's cum into her pretty face. Sara is a 48-year-old wife and mother from California. She's a first-timer, and we'd say she's pretty damn good for a first-timer. But, then again, all of the first-timers at 40 Something Mag are great. Why? Because they love to fuck. They aren't 20-year-old girls who are in it for the money. They're in it for the sex. For the excitement. For knowing that they're slutting it up for all the world to see. We asked Sara what gets her off, and she said, "Fucking a guy with a huge dick." She got that. Featuring Sara Skiphers, J Mac. Full Title: You're a Cuckold, Mr. Skiphers!
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