Pounding the Pledges Part 1 Scoreland

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Title: Pounding the Pledges Part 1 Scoreland
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Description: Pounding The Pledges quickly became an extremely popular Score DVD. This reformatted version for Scoreland brings Gianna Rossi, Sabina Leigh, Tera Cox, Ms. Panther and April McKenzie together for the first and only time. Is it time for a remake with different babes? The Omega Boobs sorority house on the campus of Score University must have new sorority sisters. With a new semester in full swing and an empty house to fill, Gianna spends her time hard at work recruiting fresh sisters. It's not easy. Only a few will make the final cut. What makes life really difficult for Gianna is that the Omega Boobs charter requires that pledges must have big-really big-tits. Gianna's dominating techniques and personality make her fit to be the president of a busty sorority. In the opener, Gianna hits the campus handing out flyers to the candidates she thinks will make the grade. Once they're assembled, Gianna puts the girls through some grueling training and then hands out the tasks for the pledges. Sabina and Panther are first. Gianna wants to crush a rival sorority composed of all "flattie bitches", as she calls them. She assigns Panther and Sabina to sucker the rival sorority president's boyfriend into a sex trap and record it. The two bra-busting coeds look forward to carrying out Gianna's nefarious scheme. Featuring Panther, Jordan Ash.
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