Sister versus Sister Sister Trick

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Sister Trick
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Title: Sister versus Sister Sister Trick
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Description: Jay and his step-sister Rachel Rivers are waiting around, chatting while they wait for Kylie Rocket, their new step-sister, who is moving in after Kylie's mom recently married Jay's dad. Rachel seems excited but a bit nervous while Jay seems more annoyed. Rachel teases that he's just jealous, although Jay defends that that's not it at all. It's just that with everything his dad's been through, he finds it a bit hard to trust new women coming into their lives. Kylie soon arrives and is greeted, then led away by Jay to her new room. But before he leaves, he plants a seed of doubt in Rachel's head, making her feel like Jay's dad likes Kylie better. Once he's alone with Kylie in her bedroom, he plants seeds of doubt in her head as well to make her lose confidence. It's more clear now that he's intentionally trying to pit the sisters against each other. He then abruptly leaves and goes to visit Rachel, talking about how Kylie's such a breath of fresh air in the house. She's so lively and bubbly, and eager to please. She already has a special place in his dad's heart, there's no doubt about it. He's sure she's going to be the sweetheart of the family. Rachel looks worried, though tries to hide it. Jay then abruptly announces he has to go check on Kylie and leaves. Jay returns to Kylie's room, pretending to be checking in on her settling in again. He once again begins manipulating her. Kylie, her confidence shaken, seems to be sucking up to Jay even more. She asks what he thinks she can do to really be accepted by the family. Jay tells her that, as Dad's real son, making sure he (Jay) is happy is a good place to start. Jay slowly but pointedly rubs his crotch. He says that he can think of a way that a cute girl like her could make a guy like him reaaaaalllly happy. Featuring Rachel Rivers, Kylie Rocket, Jay Romero. Original release date: November 18th, 2020.
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Sister Trick

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Jake AdamsSeth GambleZac Wild
Featuring: Jake Adams – Seth Gamble – Zac Wild

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