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Title: Behind the Boss Back Nuru Massage
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Description: Ryan McLane, the boss of a local massage parlor, is getting pretty suspicious of his star masseuses, Kiarra Kai and Khloe Kapri. He's been getting complaints from clients about the women being distracted and absent for long periods of time. When he arrives at the parlor to confront them, he sees that the complaints ring true because Kiarra and Khloe are huddled close, just sitting around doing nothing! Kiarra and Khloe quickly team up, playing innocent as they try to convince Ryan that nothing is wrong. Although Ryan is frustrated, the women win him over and he soon dismisses them to get back to work. If he gets one more complaint, though, they will lose their jobs. But even after the women hurry off, Ryan can't shake his suspicions... A few minutes later, he goes to investigate... only to find Kiarra and Khloe naked together! He is completely oblivious to the fact that the women are obviously girlfriends fooling around in the workplace. When they lie and insist that they were just getting ready to try a new massage, a Nuru massage, he's none the wiser. After explaining what Nuru is, Ryan is intrigued and requests to join them to experience this erotic massage himself. After all, he needs to know what it's all about so that he can recommend it to their clients. Although Kiarra and Khloe were not expecting this turn of events, if they want to keep the wool over their boss' eyes, they'll just have to play along! Featuring Khloe Kapri, Kiarra Kai, Ryan McLane. Original release date: April 23rd, 2021.
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